bh10_paper.pdf 'Everybody be cool, this is a roppery!', Black Hat Vegas 2010 Whitepaper written by  Vincenzo Iozzo, Tim Kornau and Ralf-Phillip Weinmann

This paper describes the framework for automated Return-oriented programming shellcode generation to be used against platforms like the IPhone.
Black Hat 2010 Whitepaper - 0-knowledge fuzzing '0-knowledge fuzzing', Black Hat DC 2010 Whitepaper written by Vincenzo Iozzo

This paper describes the algorithms and tools used for implementing a fuzzer that is able to perform smart fuzzing without prior knowledge of the input format.
kornau-tim--diplomarbeit--rop.pdf 'Return Oriented Programming for the ARM Architecture', Diploma Thesis written by Tim Kornau in 2009

This Diploma Thesis describes the approach to automated gadget search on the ARM plattform. It is the ground work for the current research of architecture independent gadget search across multiple platforms.
csw09.pdf REIL: A platform-independent intermediate representation of disassembled code for static code analysis

In this paper published at CanSecWest 2009, we describe the Reverse Engineering Intermediate Language REIL which is used to implement platform-independent static code analysis algorithms in our BinNavi environment.
blichmann-christian--diplomarbeit--final.pdf 'Automatisierte Signaturgenerierung für Malwarestämme', Diploma Thesis written by Christian Blichmann in 2008

In this work, a method is presented to allow conventional AV scanners to profit from automated classification methods for malware that are otherwise unsuitable for use with on-access scanners. At this, a byte-based signature for use with the ClamAV scanner is generated from a given family of malware, allowing to reliably detect the family as a whole.
BinDiff_Malware.pdf Using BinDiff 1.6 for malware analysis

A short and easy-to-read whitepaper describing the use of zynamics BinDiff in porting the analysis results of a disassembly of Bagle/W to a disassembly of Bagle/X.
BinDiff_Malware.pdf Graph-based comparison of Executable Objects

Comparing Executable Objects, published as part of the proceedings of SSTIC'05. For the more mathematically inclined reader. AWARDED BEST PAPER.
dimva_paper2.pdf Structural Comparison of Executable Objects

Structural Comparison of Executable Objects published at DIMVA 2004, available in the conference proceedings published in the LNI series.